A web app promotes STEM careers for Cambodian students

Over 3 million students learned about STEM career options in this MangoTango project funded by the UK Government

An emotional brand connection launches a new insurance company in a crowded market

Brand creation and messaging for Sovannaphum Life grows the company to #2 in two years

Retro alcohol spirit reborn for a new market

Premium modern brand design and positioning makes NIXIE Absinthe stand out on a crowded bar shelf

A new juice brand breaks into a crowded FMCG market

Premium positioning and a name that works in English and Khmer launched a successful new brand.

Business skills training helps Cambodian small business owners

An online resource center and community for SMEs improves skills for 24,000 Cambodian business owners

A new brand platform updates a traditional beer for a modern audience

“Be Exceptional” ABC Beer campaign engaged new beer drinkers while staying relevant to an older generation

Influencer marketing supports women’s empowerment in Cambodia

Cambodian women entrepreneurs share their journeys in social media videos. 

Consumer trends and business opportunities research report for EU Trade

Market analysis on new Cambodian consumer opportunities for EuroCham and UK Trade & Investment

A new positioning and new mascot help a bank stand out in a crowded Cambodian market

A through-the-line campaign connects with consumers by offering to make banking “easy, easy” with the help of a delightful new mascot

Online explainer videos educate workers about their rights

Cambodia garment industry learned about their worker rights through online video storytelling

Digital transformation improves worker engagement in Cambodia

Social and digital technology training provides new channels for union leaders and members to communicate