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MangoTango’s Content Marketing team makes compelling video and social content to support brands like Heineken, Ford and PPCBank.
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Content Marketing organically attracts potential customers to your service or product through relevant content specifically catered to your industry’s audience.
MangoTango will help fuel all your marketing activities with unique, captivating, and engaging materials that will help drive traffic to your website, create valuable engagement for your business, and help you generate leads.
How does content marketing benefit your business?
  1. Helps generate leads
  2. Increases website traffic
  3. Generates brand awareness
Find out how we’ve helped other brands with their content marketing below!


Advertisements help promote Malaysia as the go-to healthcare travel destination for Cambodians.
Despite Malaysia’s excellent healthcare system, it still isn’t a widely chosen destination for healthcare travelling purposes unlike neighbouring countries …
Digital content to enable disadvantaged young Cambodians to find their path out of poverty
A university education is out of reach for most Cambodians, but there are increasing opportunities for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)…
Re-imagining the experience at a chain of full-service rest stops
Kampuchea Tela is one of Cambodia’s largest companies, with gas stations through-out the country. Their franchise model did not give them control over the …


Through relevant and appealing content, your business will be able to express how your services and/or products meet the needs and wants of your consumers. When your content reaches your target audience, it will help boost the relevance of your marketed service/product and in return generate a potential lead.
The MangoTango team have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to providing content marketing materials. We have worked with clients from various industry backgrounds and have an extensive understanding of all the strategies that work best depending on the audience, industry, and aim of a business. With a combination of the right method, people, and technology, we will work towards meeting your business goals and generate unique content for your business.
We provide content marketing materials including video, social, article and more, across most media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, on site, and more…

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