MangoTango uses big data to help clients succeed.

For clients like Joma, EuroCham, The UK Department for International Trade, and Asian Development Bank, MangoTango helps get the most value out of marketing by using data analysis to find insights.
Using quantitative and qualitative data analysis, we treat data as an essential ingredient in marketing: from developing strategy to optimizing performance and measuring the results.
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Data analytics is the process of turning raw data into valuable information that can help you make better business decisions. Our team is data-driven and uses multiple methods to optimize your performance.

How does data analytics benefit your business?

  1. Better decision-making
  2. Optimized performance
  3. Personalization
Many companies are not using their data as effectively as they could. Could you get more value out of your information? Get in touch and let’s discuss.


Consumer trends and business opportunities research report for EU Trade

Starting with competitive research and analysis, the MangoTango team developed insights into Cambodians’ feelings and ideas about the life insurance marketplace.

Driving public policy decisions with research on ecommerce in Cambodia
Digital transformation and ecommerce have been identified as potential drivers of economic growth. But there was little understanding of the drivers and barriers to…
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Experience design for a regional café chain

The Joma cafés chain had built up a loyal following in locations in Southeast Asia where they were the only modern, air-conditioned, Western style option available.


The most used methods for data analysis are divided into two categories: qualitative and quantitative. Examples of qualitative analysis are content analysis and discourse analysis. Quantitative analysis is commonly conducted by regression or hypothesis analysis.

Data analysis is the process that involves the collection, manipulation, and examination of data for development of a deep insight. Data analytics is turning analyzed data into useful information that can help make better business decisions.

Big data refers to vast amounts of data from various sources like mobile devices, social media, the internet, and many other sources. The data collected is then analyzed and used to make data-driven business decisions. 

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