MangoTango is your agency localization partner in Cambodia

Get Your Advertising Right In Cambodia

MangoTango works with regional agencies and global brands to adapt advertising for the Cambodian market.

Protect and Promote Your Brand ​

In Cambodia, you need a local expert in language, culture, and trends, to make sure your campaigns and messaging have impact.

Use MangoTango’s Expert Localization Team to Ensure Success ​

  • We make sure the language, context and concepts for your campaigns and adaptations will be effective with your target in Cambodia
  • We provide insights into the local market to help guide advertising and messaging
  • We know how to follow brand guidelines and work with agencies and international brands
  • MangoTango is a local Cambodian agency with international roots. 

For Khmer language transcreation, translation and localization, MangoTango is the top choice for brands and agencies working within the Cambodian market.


Localization helps an international brand’s campaign adapt to the local market.

Heineken has strict guidelines for presentation of its products. MangoTango worked directly with the local Heineken clients and Publicis Global Group to localize …

Localizing a brand’s marketing assets to appeal to the target market.

Transcreate advertising messages for the local market based on global campaigns. MangoTango’s team localized assets provided by the global brand team …

Consumer trends and business opportunities research report for EU Trade

Promote Cambodia as an investment and export opportunity for UK and EU businesses, and provide companies considering expansion into Cambodia…

Driving public policy decisions with research on ecommerce in Cambodia

Digital transformation and ecommerce have been identified as potential drivers of economic growth. But there was little understanding of the drivers and barriers to…

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