MangoTango knows KOL and Influencer marketing in Cambodia

Digital PR using social media KOL and Influencer marketing plays a strong role in supporting brands in Cambodia.
MangoTango knows all the macro, micro, and nano influencers in Cambodia, launching successful campaigns for Tiger Beer, ABC, Japan Export Agency, and more.
Contact us to find the best influencers to grow your business.
KOL and Influencer marketing is very important in Cambodia, where consumers love to follow their favorites on Facebook and Instagram.
We help you select the influencers that will best suit your brand and will have the most impact with your target audience. And we work with the influencers to ensure that the content engages users and builds your brand. Influencer marketing works!
Influencer marketing is a great way to connect with your audience.

How does influencer marketing benefit your business?

  1. Raises brand awareness
  2. Effectively reaches your target audience
  3. Helps build trust
  4. Inspires consumers to take action


As Cambodia enters a long lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol sales and advertisements ban are strictly imposed to curb high-risk activities in …

Influencer marketing supports women’s empowerment in Cambodia
Cambodia is transitioning from a more patriarchal culture that discourages women’s independence, to a more open and inclusive society. While many women …

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A short film that raises awareness, supports inclusivity, and celebrates LGBTIQ+ rights in Cambodia

Raise awareness and build tolerance for LGBTIQ+ rights for a campaign supported by DCA.


The cost an influencer marketing campaign will depend on the reach and quantity of the content promoted by influencers, as well as the influencers followers and engagements.
All industries can benefit from influencer marketing, from the fashion industry to health and fitness! For some industries, influencer marketing may be the commonly used approach for marketing, however for some it may be an additional approach used for specific campaigns.

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