Digital transformation improves worker engagement in Cambodia

Social and digital technology training provides new channels for union leaders and members to communicate


The Challenge:

COVID-19 had a substantial impact on the daily lives of Cambodian factory workers. Union federations that represent workers typically communicate in-person, which was not possible during the pandemic. The need to address issues of concern remained: factory closures, loss of jobs, occupational safety and health (OSH), information about COVD-19, and an increase in self-isolation and social distancing. These organizations needed a new approach for effective communication between unions and their members.

The Process:

After analyzing initial input from the Solidarity Center, MangoTango conducted needs assessments through interviews and group discussions with union partners to understand current capacity, identify challenges, and define solution priorities – resulting in operational plans to address the challenges in communications.


The Outcome:

MangoTango provided IT and social media training courses in Khmer with curated content specifically tailored for union-worker communications. These classes included social media management tools and practices, basic IT management training, and training in new online meeting platforms such as Zoom.

The Result:

Union federations and members achieved significant improvement in communications, social media skills, and basic IT support. They are effectively using social media and digital communications to stay connected to their members and relevant stakeholders.


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