Influencer marketing supports women’s empowerment in Cambodia

Cambodian women entrepreneurs share their journeys in social media videos

The Challenge:

Cambodia is transitioning from a more patriarchal culture that discourages women’s independence, to a more open and inclusive society. While many women work for their family business, and increasing numbers work outside the home, family pressure makes it difficult for most women to have the confidence to pursue their career goals. Women in Business KH, a new organization focused on women in the workplace, hopes to encourage women to be more independent and to choose their career path.

The Process:

Following a design and solutions development process, MangoTango and WiBKH developed a role-model approach to show Cambodian women what’s possible, through the stories of successful Cambodian women. A series of video profiles to show the journeys, distributed and supported through social media channels, would help support WiBKH’s goals to empower women and foster an inspired community. MangoTango identified twelve influential women from a range of professions, whose stories would interest others. We interviewed them about their personal journey and asked them for advice they would give to other women, in a series of twelve videos.

The Outcome:

The videos were shared on social channels, released one at a time over several months, with a call to action to engage with the sponsoring organization.

The Result:

The videos had high engagement rates, and drove increased participation in the women’s group that sponsored the content – as well as inspiring women to pursue their dreams and career goals.

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