A web app promotes STEM careers for Cambodian students

Over 3 million students learned about STEM career options in this MangoTango project funded by the UK Government

The Challenge:

Promote STEM careers as scientists and engineers to students in Cambodia.

"Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers are quickly becoming highly sought-after positions across the world, and Cambodia is no exception,”


The Process:

Using Design Workshops with a focus on Human-Centered research methodologies, our Mango team learned that in Cambodia, parents set the direction for a young adult’s career studies. Often approval is required. Because of Cambodia’s recent past, many STEM jobs had disappeared for a generation, and now parents were not aware of, or confident about, these jobs: “how much will they pay” and “is it a job that won’t go away” were key questions. Making parents aware of these answers became an important factor in our team’s solution to promote STEM careers to students.

The Outcome:

MangoTango’s strategy and product development groups co-developed a solution with students and parents: an informational website about STEM careers with job and salary growth information. The app – available in Khmer language – featured an integration with SMS (texting) and Facebook Share, so students could send the info to their parents. A related year-long Facebook and online advertising campaign, using digital and social media, helped to raise awareness of the app.

Tech Talk:

To save costs we opted for an HTML5 Web App, which is a website that acts like a mobile app – and in doing so, we saved the cost of building two separate apps, one for Android and one for Apple.

The Result:

Over 3 million viewers and 60,000 text messages in the first year of operation.

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