A new juice brand breaks into a crowded FMCG market

Premium positioning and a name that works in English and Khmer launched a successful new brand.

The Challenge:

An organic farm wanted to create a brand for their new line of juices and jams. They wanted a brand that could work in both high-end hotels and F&B outlets, and through distributions through local retail outlets.

The Process:

Competitive research and a series of brainstorm sessions were conducted to develop a preliminary list of names. Names were tested with all target audiences (both English and Khmer) to ensure that the chosen name worked for each market segment. The Khmer word for “ripe” was chosen, written in Roman letters. Logo design exploration began once the name was chosen, starting with mood boards to help visualize the options, and to visually position the brand as unique within its category.

The Outcome:

A memorable name and logo developed and used in packaging design and point-of-sales materials.

The Result:

The new brand, Toom, succeeded in gaining distribution with high-end hotels and restaurants in Cambodia, as well as building brand loyalty among local consumers.

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