An emotional brand connection launches a new insurance company in a crowded market

Brand creation and messaging for Sovannaphum Life grows the company to #2 in two years

The Challenge:

A new insurance company needed to launch in a crowded, undifferentiated market.

The Process:

Starting with competitive research and analysis, the MangoTango team developed insights into Cambodians’ feelings and ideas about the life insurance marketplace. Human-Centered Design Workshops identified key drivers to decision making for a product, life insurance, that is undifferentiated in every market. Our Big Idea was inspired by a key insight: that Cambodians have big dreams for their children, hoping that they will get an education and have a better life than their parents.

The Outcome:

MangoTango’s strategic planning and brand group developed a brand positioning uniquely differentiated from every other company in the category, and with strong emotional resonance. Moving far away from other messages in the marketplace – where competitors showed images of death and disaster – our creative team’s brand message focused on protecting children and their dreams for the future. Messaging was hopeful, positive and optimistic – a stand-out from the competitive set. MangoTango’s campaign brought to life the dreams that parents have for their children and positioned Sovannaphum Life as the best way to support your children’s dreams.

Media Matters:

Good branding is essential, but without a strong go-to-market plan and effective media strategy, it can’t work. MangoTango built a clever through-the-line media plan mixing traditional TV, Radio and OOH with digital and social, and Sovannaphum Life put the spending behind it to make a difference.

The Result:

Sovannaphum Life continued to run this campaign for 3 years and quickly reached #2 in the market, surpassing established international brands.

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