MangoTango Builds Strong Brands

Whether reimagining an existing brand as we did for ABC Beer, or developing a new brand for Sovannaphum Life Insurance, Toom Organic Juices, Nixie Absinthe or PPCBank – MangoTango helps differentiate products and services, and make an impact.
As a 360 degree integrated marketing services provider, we can execute your brand vision through print, design, activation, social, digital and more.

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Good branding is beyond a memorable logo and a nice color scheme.
Your brand identity is what makes you stand out from the crowd. MangoTango can help you establish a strong and memorable brand identity.
The MangoTango team will work towards your goals and aspirations by developing a brand strategy, positioning, and expression that will help you grow your brand!

Find out how we’ve helped other brands below!


An emotional brand connection launches a new insurance company in a crowded market

Starting with competitive research and analysis, the MangoTango team developed insights into Cambodians’ feelings and ideas about the life insurance marketplace.

A new juice brand breaks into a crowded FMCG market

An organic farm wanted to create a brand for their new line of juices and jams. They wanted a brand that could work in both high-end hotels and F&B outlets, and …

Retro alcohol spirit reborn for a new market

A new spirits company wanted to market a unique product – Absinthe with a modern twist – that would inspire bartenders to serve original cocktails …

A new brand platform updates a traditional beer for a modern audience

ABC Extra Stout is a high-status premium beer with an aging consumer base. ABC wanted to expand beyond its niche market, to attract a new generation of beer …

A new positioning and new mascot help a bank stand out in a crowded Cambodian market

Cambodia’s banking market is crowded, with over 50 banks competing for new customers. Cambodians are new to banking and find banking services confusing…


With the involvement of our accounts, creative, digital, and strategic team, we will work with you to understand what your end goals are and work towards developing your desired image.
Depending on the size of the project and the scope, the cost will vary.

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