Retro alcohol spirit reborn for a new market

Premium modern brand design and positioning makes NIXIE stand out on a crowded bar shelf

The Challenge:

A new spirit company wanted to market a unique product – Absinthe with a modern twist – that would inspire bartenders to serve original cocktails and encourage local expats and tourists to buy a bottle of a unique spirit created in Cambodia. They wanted to differentiate their product from old-fashioned Absinthe brands.

The Process:

Brand development started with an exploration of the history of Absinthe brands, and research on various categories of names associated with alcoholic spirits.

Names were tested with target audiences to ensure that the chosen name was memorable and appealing. The company chose Nixie, an old word for a water spirit that appears in a Baudelaire poem, as a fitting moniker.

Logo design exploration began once the name was chosen, starting with mood boards to help clients visualize their options. The clients chose a strong, modern look to express their brand.


The Outcome:

A memorable name, logo, and package design were developed that positioned Nixie as a brand for those looking for something new and different.

The Result:

Nixie has achieved distribution in key bars and will be showcased in a major new international hotel bar beginning in 2021.

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