A new brand platform updates a traditional beer for a modern audience

“Be Exceptional” ABC Beer campaign engaged new beer drinkers while staying relevant to an older generation

The Challenge:

ABC Extra Stout is a high-status premium beer with an aging consumer base. ABC wanted to expand beyond its niche market, to attract a new generation of beer drinkers. The challenge was to create a new brand platform while keeping existing drinkers on board.

The Process:

Mango Tango conducted consumer research to generate insights on the changing Cambodian view of concepts such as premium and success, as well as on how ABC Beer is perceived. Using this data and our insights, and in collaboration with clients, we determined the Be Exceptional platform as the best way forward to meet the goals.

The Outcome:

Tailored creative based on insights helped MangoTango build dynamic and effective through-the-line communications under the Be Exceptional banner. We established strategic through-the-line communications that successfully changed perceptions of the brand in the minds of Cambodians, shifting their view of ABC and what it means to drink ABC, and opening up new drinking occasions.

The Result:

The Be Exceptional campaign communications drove an increase in ROI for the ABC brand, and set a foundation for communications going forward for many years. Sales increased in double-digits in the first year alone, and ABC has become more top-of-mind as the premium beer beverage associated with sophistication, exceptionalism, excellence, and success.

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