Driving public policy decisions with research on ecommerce in Cambodia

Research on ecommerce in Cambodia to provide insights and strategy to drive public policy


The Challenge:

Digital transformation and ecommerce have been identified as potential drivers of economic growth. But there was little understanding of the drivers and barriers to ecommerce in Cambodia. The Asian Development Bank, Mekong Business Initiative, and the Government of Australia commissioned new research because they knew the importance of ecommerce and wanted to understand how best to support its development in Cambodia.

The Process:

We conducted primary research across key stakeholder groups: government officials, senior executives at Cambodia’s largest tech companies, businesses that use technology, and MSMEs conducting ecommerce initiatives.

The Outcome:

Published report, webinars, and presentations to business leaders to create awareness of digital and ecommerce opportunities in Cambodia.

The Result:

The report has been widely cited in economic policy discussions and was the basis for a report presented to the U.N.

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