MangoTango Asia is a technology,
insights & innovation consultancy
working for social advancement in
Asia since 2014.

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We use human-centered design as a foundation for strategy and problem-solving

Capacity building & training provide a pathway for innovation and development

Strategic communications & implementation get your message to the right audience at the right time

Promotional materials to support Cambodian SMEs

Providing promotional videos as part of the UNIDO: AFTER project

Health and safety educational video supports the recovery of Cambodia’s tourism sector

An educational animated video helps inform members of the Cambodian hospitality industry of health and safety best practices to aid in the recovery of the tourism sector.

A short film that raises awareness, supports inclusivity, and celebrates LGBTIQ+ rights in Cambodia

Creation of a short film that raises awareness, supports inclusivity, and celebrates Human Rights Day in Cambodia with a focus on LGBTIQ+ rights

Providing research and development support to UNDP to create a guide that addresses issues surrounding plastic waste from e-commerce.

A research and development project that involves the provision of practical solutions surrounding the issue of plastic waste as a result of fast-growing e-commerce in Cambodia.

A web app promotes STEM careers for Cambodian students

Over 3 million students learned about STEM career options in this MangoTango project funded by the UK Government

Online explainer videos educate workers about their rights

Cambodia garment industry learned about their worker rights through online video storytelling

Digital transformation improves worker engagement in Cambodia

Social and digital technology training provides new channels for union leaders and members to communicate