Health and safety educational video supports the recovery of Cambodia’s tourism sector

An educational animated video helps inform members of the Cambodian hospitality industry of health and safety best practices to aid in the recovery of the tourism sector.

The Challenge:

The tourism sector provides a significant portion of the income generation opportunities to the Cambodian people. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this sector has suffered greatly. To support the recovery of Cambodia’s tourism sector, it is essential to raise awareness of health and safety measures to ensure a safe experience for travellers and the workforce. The GIZ RED IV program aims to improve the understanding and application of health and safety best practises through the production and circulation of a health and safety educational video tailored to suit the Cambodian context.


The Process:

MangoTango produced an animated video touching on six different subjects: basic personal hygiene, dos and don’ts of hygiene, use of personal protective equipment, physical distancing, enhanced cleaning and sanitization, and COVID prevention measures when interacting with customers. The video aims to support the re-qualification of health and safety skills of current and future employees working in the hospitality sector in Siem Reap. MangoTango developed the concept, mood, tone, storyboard, script, character design, animation and final report for this project.


The Outcome:

MangoTango provided an informative and culturally relevant video to educate employees of the hospitality sector on health and safety best practises.


The Result:

The educational video is now used to inform employees in the tourism sector of the health and safety measures to follow in order to support the recovery of Cambodia’s tourism sector.


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