Market Research and In-Market Testing using Influencer Marketing supports decision-making process of a food and beverage company

In-Market Testing and Market Research provide data and insights for a Food and Beverage company to help them introduce unique Japanese products in the Cambodian Market.


The Challenge:

LOKA, a food and beverage company wanted to introduce unique Japanese products into the Cambodian market. However, to do that they needed information on the local market. Our team was commissioned to gather relevant information to support their decision-making process and to help them understand their brand positioning in the market.

The Process:

In order to understand the market, our team conducted an offline survey for the twenty-two products by providing samples of each product to local participants. We were able to gather relevant information about their feedback and preferences. Additionally, we produced eleven promotional videos to reach out to the online audience and collaborated with two well-known influencers to create these videos and had them posted on the relevant social media channels.

The Outcome:

After three months of working on the project, the offline survey results were consolidated for each unique product. The results showed a clear result on which products met the expectations of the local participants, and their feedback on things that could potentially be improved. The promotional videos that were posted on various social media platforms reached nearly 300K people.

The Result:

Both qualitative and quantitative results were presented to the LOKA team which provided insights into the product positioning for these unique products in the Cambodian market. It helped us gain a better understanding of the LOKA team particularly in regards to the perspective of the local market. With all the insights and information gathered over the months, the LOKA team were able to gain plenty of concrete data to support their decision-making process regarding the import of these specific products to Cambodia.

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