Experience design for a regional café chain

Human-centered research and evaluation informs experience redesign for a regional chain of cafés

joma burgers

The Challenge:

The Joma cafés chain had built up a loyal following in locations in Southeast Asia where they were the only modern, air-conditioned, Western style option available. As local economies thrived, they faced competition from international chains moving in.

The Process:

We started with an intense review of the market, the competition, and the target audience, including measuring the experience at key competitors and conducting qualitative and quantitative research. Based on these findings, we developed recommendations for changing the experience to make it more competitive with expats and more welcoming to local consumers.

We identified the promise of healthy, hand-made food as a key differentiator for Joma.

Survey image

The Outcome:

We created a new visual identity for Joma to illustrate their commitment to food prepared locally with healthy, organic ingredients. We developed new product names to provide more premium positioning for their bestsellers.

Joma instituted changes in their service to improve customer satisfaction.

We used advertising in local publications, out-of-home tuk-tuk ads, digital billboards, and street teams to provide outreach near Joma locations to drive traffic to the cafés and push sales of new menu items.

TukTuk Image after outcome

The Result:

Joma cafés increased their traffic from local consumers and increased both short-term and long-term sales of featured items.

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