Re-imagining the experience at a chain of full-service rest stops

Design refresh and social media campaign to change consumer perceptions


The Challenge:

Kampuchea Tela is one of Cambodia’s largest companies, with gas stations through-out the country. Their franchise model did not give them control over the experience offered at each station, and their brand guidelines were not consistently followed. The Tela brand was not highly rated.

Tela was losing market share to international newcomers French Total and Thai PTT, who both offered a better experience at their stations, with pleasant cafes and clean restrooms, as well as well-stocked mini marts.

The Process:

Tela requested a complete design refresh, starting with the development of clear brand guidelines for the Tela brand, as well as designs for every element of the Tela experience, from signage to restrooms to rain gear. We then completed a design refresh for Tela Marts, their chain of mini-marts, and for Luna Café, a new addition to the Tela experience created to compete with their competitors.

An active social media strategy was developed to encourage consumers to come back to the brand and to build loyalty.


The Outcome:

The updated Tela stations proved popular with consumers, allowing Tela to compete successfully with the newcomers. The availability of clear brand guidelines made it easier for all Tela stations to appear more uniform.

Ratings of Tela improved with the updated stations. Offers communicated through social media drove consumers into the cafes and mini marts, increasing traffic.


The Result:

Tela’s successful redesign and improved consumer ratings has allowed it to expand the experience it can offer consumers, with new rest stops offering new amenities.

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