An influencer campaign to support a beer brand’s latest product launch

Tiger Beer engages influencers to promote its new and easy-to-carry 12-can carton

The Challenge:

Tiger Beer launches its product innovation in Cambodia – a compact and easy-to-carry 12-can carton. ​

Our mission is to help drive awareness for Tiger Beer’s latest product.

The Process:

We aligned influencer activities with the brand activities for the Tiger 12-can pack. We briefed influencers to communicate the key benefits of the product and integrate it with their personalities and drinking behaviors.

The Outcome:

Awareness and consideration for Tiger Beer’s new 12-can pack. Consumers highlight the compactness of the new product and how convenient it is to carry.​

The Result:

Cambodians are excited to enjoy Tiger beer 12-can pack for their small and spontaneous celebrations.​

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