Online explainer videos educate workers about their rights

Cambodian garment industry staff learned about their worker rights through online video storytelling

The Challenge:

Educate Cambodian garment workers with limited literacy about their legal rights as workers.
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The Process:

Using a human-centered design process, MangoTango and GIZ worked together to understand garment worker knowledge of their legal worker rights, and how best to fill the gaps in understanding. Adding to the challenge, workers had limited literacy ability. Following collaborative sessions, the solution of an explainer video, available online, emerged as the best teaching option.

The Outcome:

MangoTango created an appealing animated video to make it easy for workers to understand their legal rights. We developed relatable characters and an easy-to-understand script that told stories to illustrate the rights concepts. A compelling logo, as well as online and offline marketing materials, created awareness of the app and video, and encouraged workers to download the app, watch the videos, and learn about their legal rights as workers. The 20,000-word script for the app was written in both Khmer and English, and reviewed to confirm that it accurately reflected the law.

The Result:

Increased understanding among Cambodian garment factory workers of their rights and entitlements at their work places, and the obligations of their employers.

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