Business skills training helps Cambodian small business owners

An online resource center and community for SMEs improves skills for 24,000 Cambodian business owners

The Challenge:

As Cambodia’s economy grew in 2017, thousands of new shop owners lacked basic training in accounting, cash flow, sales, inventory, and other core skills needed for business success.

The Process:

Using Design Workshops with a focus on Human-Centered research methodologies, MangoTango surveyed solution options and comparable projects in other regions. A focus on reaching the largest number of people for the least expense, while providing quality results, guided our planning.

The Outcome:

MangoTango’s strategy and product development group co-developed a solution with small business owners. The Mango team identified 48 “how to” articles and videos from around the web, covering core business skills training, and aiming for an ESL (English as a Second Language) elementary reading level. We then approached the copyright holders for permission to translate to Khmer and share; all authors and publications were happy to grant these. Content was shared in a specially-created Facebook group and related website, over a period of one year. Group moderators helped encourage discussion and answered questions.

Digital Media Talk:

A related online ad campaign through Google Ads and Facebook Ads helped to bring attention to the resource.

The Results:

Over 2.5 million engagements with the business training content, and more than 24,000 Facebook group members in the first year of operation.