Promoting a country as a brand

A government sponsored multi-channel campaign to raise awareness, engagement, and build trust for Malaysia as a healthcare travel destination


The Challenge:

As Cambodians become more affluent, the market for foreign healthcare travel is growing: wealthy Cambodians seek medical treatment in Singapore, Japan, or the USA, while the middle class visit neighboring countries Vietnam and Thailand for healthcare services. Few Cambodians think of Malaysia as a healthcare travel destination, despite the country’s excellent healthcare services available at reasonable prices. Our challenge is to create awareness and build trust in Malaysia as a healthcare travel destination.

The Process:

We use a multi-channel approach to building awareness and engagement, communicating through traditional and digital media channels to reach the target audience. We include out-of-home to build awareness. We feature online and offline events with KOLs to build engagement and trust. We work with local media to provide press coverage.


The Outcome:

Awareness and consideration of Malaysia as a healthcare travel destination are growing in Cambodia.

The Result:

Cambodians are ready to travel to Malaysia for their medical treatments.

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