Feasibility research paves a new way for the export of organic cashew nuts, dried mangoes, and Japanese sweet potatoes into the Singaporean market.

Khmer Organic Cooperative (KOC) was able to obtain consumer and market insights in Singapore and actionable approaches to enter the Singaporean market.

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The Challenge:

To research and collect consumer insights to formulate an overall marketing strategy for KOC despite limited knowledge about the geography, market, and consumers to help them evaluate whether KOC meets the requirements to export to Singapore and if their product meets their product qualification standards.

The Process:

Our team at MangoTango started by developing a comprehensive and efficient research methodology to ensure it captures all aspects of the feasibility study. That includes desk research, consumer interviews, shopkeeper interviews, shop visits, and key informant interviews. For shop visits, shopkeeper and consumer interviews were all done by our research team in Singapore. The result of the research provided a great stepping stone to understand the complex market system in Singapore. To ensure the result from the first phase of research is valid and accurately represents the general Singaporean citizen, we conducted a further and more detailed interview with key informants. The key informants interviewed were experts in their respective fields, such as customs brokers, managing directors of distributing companies, exporters and couriers, and the ambassador of Cambodia in Singapore. Insights from the key informant interviews revealed different points of view that we can implement into our strategies to penetrate the market and to conduct a relevant sensitivity analysis.

The Outcome:

After months of research, MangoTango was able to produce a report that outlines the findings and strategies that can be utilized as a way to assess the market and support their decision-making process. The report emphasizes the perception of consumers in Singapore on imported products from Cambodia, a competitor analysis, domestic and cross-border logistics, micro-economic and value chain, regulatory requirements, product marketing, and branding.

The Result:

The result of the study was presented through an interactive workshop. The KOC team was able to assess the viability to introduce Cambodian products into the Singaporean market. The team was impressed by the results of the study as it informs them on the best strategies to export their products (organic cashew nuts, dried mangoes, and Japanese sweet potatoes) into the Singaporean market. Although the study was specifically done for KOC, we believe the result can be used to help many exporters understand both Singaporean and Cambodian products.

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