Market research provides insights and strategies for a petrol brand's mini-marts to stand out.

Provision of relevant market research offers insights into the local market for a brand

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The Challenge:

Caltex was the first player to offer take-away coffee in Phnom Penh and saw years of steady growth and expansion in this market for both their coffee and their mini-mart sales. However, the local coffee market had grown drastically and became highly competitive, not only in the demand for coffee sales but also in mini-mart sales, as Cambodian consumers started taking an interest in international packaged goods. Caltex wanted to understand the overall market dynamics such as where their place was in the local market, their brand positioning, and customer perceptions.

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The Process:

Our team conducted two rounds of market research to help Caltex better understand their place in the market, and their opportunities for growth by conducting qualitative and quantitative research for both coffee and mini-mart product purchasers.

The Outcome:

Our team was able to compile all the relevant information from focus groups that would help Caltex understand where they stand in the market, and a more detailed insight into the consumer behaviour and patterns of their target audience.
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The Result:

Caltex was able to understand their place in the local market, their opportunities in the market, and their brand perceptions.

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