Raising awareness of the importance of the electrification of vehicles for a cleaner Cambodia.

A livestream video of a panel discussion around the topic of the electrification of vehicles and how it can help Cambodia maintain its cleanliness.


The Challenge:

To set up a live stream and a panel discussion for four honorable speakers to openly discuss the importance of the electrification of vehicles for environmental purposes.

The Process:

Before the panel discussion, we met with the EnergyLab team to gain a better understanding of the assignment and the event flow to ensure smooth execution. Both teams continued to provide ongoing support for the event’s logistics and other preparations for the live streaming. To ensure that every technical aspect of the event worked without any obstacles, the MangoTango team prepared and ran tests for technical errors a day before the actual event took place.

The Outcome:

Through many preparations from both parties, we were able to execute the event flawlessly, provide participants and speakers with a highly informative discussion and live streaming experience. The event ended on a high note and it received positive feedback from the speakers as well as the participants.

The Result:

The participants and viewers of the panel discussion were able to get educated on the environmental impact of converting to electric vehicles to help Cambodia maintain its cleanliness.

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