App design and development for a children’s game to promote interest in science and technology

Developed an online game to promote interest in science and technology among Cambodian children ages 4 - 8

The Challenge:

There is little content available in Khmer to encourage Cambodian children to engage with science and technology. The British Embassy developed a children’s book that featured ingenious inventions of a young girl. The challenge was to make the content more widely available and more engaging for Cambodian children.

The Process:

MangoTango developed the storyboard, the game play design, wire frames, user experience, the creative elements, and built the app. We tested the game play with children age 4-8 to ensure that it was fun and engaging.

The Outcome:

The final app required just the right level of skill for young children. The app was promoted via social media.

The Result:

There were over 17,000 downloads of the app, giving many Cambodian children the opportunity to imagine creating their own inventions.

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