A new campaign by ABC Foreign Extra Stout - "The Exceptional" is a platform that aims to inspire the future Cambodian generation to be exceptional.

Featuring 10 of Cambodia's most exceptional stars from 5 industries.


The Challenge:

MangoTango created a new webpage dedicated to ABC’s “The Exceptional” campaign to document the initiative and ABC’s clear effort to setup a platform to motivate Cambodians to be exceptional

The Process:

In order for MangoTango to create a webpage that’s best suited to their look and feel, we conducted research on ABC’s website and socials to gather ideas on how to showcase their campaign in their style.

The Outcome:

MangoTango has been able to create one page, one accordion, one video, eight live updates, and a photo gallery for ABC The Exceptional campaign.

The Result:

ABC’s The Exceptional campaign made an immediate impact on ABC’s social media platforms. Not long after their launch, they saw a rapid increase in followers and likes. The Exceptional content posted on their social media platforms also received the highest engagement compared to previous posts. They received an average engagement rate of 9.32%, reached a total of 19,793,899 users, and engaged with a total of 1,846,201 users.

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