Enhancing the growth of Cambodian MSMEs through Basic Digital Marketing Training

Four groups of MSME's from three different provinces improved their digital marketing skills through MangoTango's Digital Marketing training program

The Challenge:

To educate MSME’s with limited digital literacy skills on contemporary digital marketing tools.

The Process:

MangoTango used a human-centered design approach to create a training program based around the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. The curriculum for the participants was created in accordance with our trainee’s digital literacy skills to ensure they were being provided the maximal support from our trainers.

The Outcome:

MangoTango organized four online training sessions that were all presented in Khmer. These sessions included group discussions and practices that featured content such as: The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Facebook Functions, Security Management, E-commerce, and the use other social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • 30 trainees – four batches – completed the training
  • Different MSMEs from different provinces (Siem Reap (CWEA and Tourism), Banteay Meanchay and Battambong)
  • 4 sessions with a total of 12 hours per batch (3 hours/sessions)

The Result:

The training that was provided received a lot of attention and appreciation from the trainees as it was something new, relevant, and addressed their needs. The trainees were also able to obtain valuable information through the skill sets that were presented. In addition to this, the trainees have also requested training in regards to video production techniques and brand development courses to further develop their businesses.

This training has help me understand more about digital marketing especially social media marketing and other tools that the trainer brought up during the training. Moreover, those tools will be very helpful to assist my work as well as giving me more possibility to do digital marketing​

Thank you for this wonderful training. I am hoping to practice the lesson learned from the training on my business to attract more potential customers and to increase sale via digital platform

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