Digital creativity that makes an impact

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council
With a combination of different advertisement and marketing methods, Malaysia is starting to become an option for Cambodians to travel for healthcare purposes.
EnergyLab Livestream
A livestream video of a panel discussion around the topic of the electrification of vehicles and how it can help Cambodia maintain its cleanliness.
The Exceptional Pledge
Developed a campaign that successfully encouraged 100,000 people to pledge to continue practicing COVID-19 safe behaviours.
Heineken Localization
Transcreation for Heineken’s marketing campaigns improves advertising impact.
LOKA Influencer Marketing
In-Market Testing and Market Research provide data and insights for a Food and Beverage company to help them introduce unique Japanese products in the Cambodian Market.
Khmer Organic Cooperative Report
Khmer Organic Cooperative (KOC) was able to obtain consumer and market insights in Singapore and actionable approaches to enter the Singaporean market.