Brand Strategic Plan and Guidelines reflecting Organizational Values

Developing a comprehensive Strategic Plan and Branding Manual to help staff and partners implement their visual identity

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The Challenge:

World Vision International Cambodia enlisted MangoTango Asia to develop branding guidelines for Phase II of The Implementation of the Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) project. They wanted to improve their current branding to be more impactful. They wanted the new branding to be used consistently across all stakeholders. The strategic branding guidelines were developed to support staff, partners and volunteers to implement the ISAF visual identity in all activities and documents.

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The Process:

Working with the ISAF team, MangoTango Asia reviewed the existing visual identity and then developed a new identity aligned with the objectives and values of ISAF Phase II. The project included the creative concept, a graphic toolkit, a comprehensive branding manual, and relevant templates and models.

The Outcome:

MangoTango presented the new ISAF branding and the strategy for how the final deliverables should be implemented

The Result:

World Vision’s targeted individuals can now apply the visual identity of ISAF according to the branding and guidelines

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