A new marketing approach encourages more Cambodian children to develop an interest in reading

Book producers were able to encourage the Cambodian youth to take an interest in reading by promoting high-quality yet affordable books through a new marketing approach.

The Challenge:

To educate and formulate sale strategies for the sales team with limited marketing experience, digital literacy, and skill gaps in sales to help them promote their books to their targeted demographic group.

The Process:

Following a human-centered design approach, our team at MangoTango created a curriculum to help the sales team improve their marketing strategy. Our training materials and curriculums were all developed following their skill levels and the necessary information needed for them to increase their sales, that being relevant training on marketing tools and channels such as: Building Customer Persona, Customer Journey Mapping, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Facebook Function, Security Management, E-commerce and other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. To ensure they were being provided the utmost support from our side, we kept up with monitoring and making sure we received feedback from our participants regularly.

The Outcome:

MangoTango set up a weekly meeting with each individual in the sales team to get an idea of the sales progress and adapt to the team’s concerns. After the third week, we had a mid-sale checkup where all team members gathered to share sales reports. This opportunity allowed all teams members to learn from each other and adjust their strategies accordingly.

The Results:

Through a curriculum uniquely designed for the sales team, this project came to an end on a very high note. The team was able to see results expeditiously after implementing the marketing strategy. The sales team was able to implement the strategies that were presented to them, which surpassed the initially expected results by three times. This project turned out to be one of the most significant and honorable accomplishments of both our teams.