Producing promotional materials to help raise awareness of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Information Website “KhmerSME"

SMEs learned about the website KhmerSME and its benefits for understanding the process of business expansion in Cambodia

The Challenge:

Design and develop a set of promotional materials in order to promote awareness of the National Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Information Website “KhmerSME”

The Process:

Using a human-centered design approach, our team worked with GIZ to conduct research and experiments mostly directed to Cambodian SMEs, for us to come up with the right communication and promotional materials that needed to be designed and developed in accordance to the insights from the conducted research.

The Outcome:

Our promotional materials were able to help promote and raise awareness about KhmerSME and its benefits for individuals and businesses who are looking to obtain a better understanding of how to start, grow, and consolidate a business in Cambodia.

The Result:

KhmerSME has become one of the primary websites used by businesses to gain valuable and insightful business-related information regarding laws and regulations, business networking and access to finance, training opportunities and much more.

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