Building a bridge between investors and startups

An event to connect startups, SMEs, seed stage companies, and investors.

KE VC Night 1

The Challenge:

Khmer Enterprise selected MangoTango to implement a Venture Capital Night, the first of its kind in Cambodia. This event was designed to connect investors and startups through pitch delivery, to drive investment in startups.
KE VC Night 2

The Process:

MangoTango developed an outreach campaign to seek participation of startups, venture capitalists and angel investors in this event. This campaign included social media as well as outreach to MangoTango’s extensive network of people involved in the startup community.

MangoTango planned and managed the event, including the development of event assets, agenda, scripts, and post event PR articles.

KE VC Night 3

The Outcome:

The investors and startups participating in the event were able to make meaningful business connections.

The Result:

The overall satisfaction of participants regarding the available networking opportunities and event quality was scored at 90.3% and 100% respectively. The Khmer Enterprise Venture Capital Night was a big success.

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