Localizing an international brand’s key visuals

Localizing and adapting a brand’s campaign to suit the local market.

The Challenge:

Guinness Cambodia commissioned MangoTango to help localize and adapt their campaigns by producing new key visuals for the brand. MangoTango was responsible for photographing each element of the key visual, selecting the most appropriate image elements, compositing each element into a cohesive scene, and developing animated versions of all key visuals.

The Process:

MangoTango developed a visual concept to localize the key visuals to be compelling and relatable to local viewers. We created both static and animated versions of the visuals in line with the format and sizing specification of each required digital platform. All key visuals were adapted to allow for them to be shown on billboards across Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kandal, and Battambang.

The Outcome:

We produced three static visuals and three animated key visuals for Guinness Cambodia. The static visuals were displayed on billboards and the animated visuals were displayed on LED billboards.

The Result:

Guinness Cambodia now has localized key visuals to help them connect with the Cambodian market.

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