Livestreaming services for a series of webinar broadcasts

Provided livestreaming services including all stages of preparation necessary to broadcast events via AmCham Cambodia’s Facebook page

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The Challenge:

Producing professional livestreams for AmCham’s Facebook page is crucial to maintain and uplift the image of AmCham as a whole. Thus, the pre, during, and post-production must be monitored with extra care to ensure that all content presents well and is properly prepared.

The Process:

To address these challenges, MangoTango and AmCham worked together to ensure that the look and feel of the livestream were within the ideal standards by:

  • Developing count-down intros with AmCham’s branding
  • Preparing the set; including seat arrangements, decor, microphones, and cameras
  • Adding AmCham’s logo at the top of the livestream frame
  • Designing the lower-third graphic; to display the topic of the discussion, speakers’ names, and positions of the speakers
  • Developing the outro video, and ensuring it was played at the end of the livestream
  • Developing the frame design for the online and blended webinar

Furthermore, we ensured that the entire production crew were fully vaccinated.

The Outcome:

After the completion of 6 webinars, 6 essential topics had been discussed; How AmCham Companies are Empowering Women in the Workplace, Women & Leadership Roundtable: How to Choose the Right Career and Become a Leader in Your Field, Agricultural Trade and Investment in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia’s Investment Law 2021, Demo Cambodia, AmCham Women’s Committee: Women’s Leadership in Critical Times. AmCham’s Facebook page received a total of 10.7K Views, and 822 Engagements, from the 6 livestreams. Several livestreams were cross-posted to other members’ pages which made the webinars reach even wider.
AmCam OutCome

The Result:

AmCham Cambodia is satisfied with the professional performance that MT was able to provide.  They were especially pleased with the creative design, appealing set-up, and the performance of MangoTango’s production crew. With the expert guidance of MangoTango, AmCham Cambodia was able to provide high-quality and interactive livestreams for their audience to learn about AmCham’s work and messages.

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