Branding: A Guide for Entrepreneurs
MangoTango CEO Chris McCarthy and Head of Strategy Nancy Jaffe gave a presentation to an audience of women entrepreneurs, sponsored by Impact Hub and AWSEN (Asian Women Social Entrepreneur Network).
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We are all Avatars Now: Implications for Creativity
MangoTango Head of Strategy Nancy Jaffe and Wunderman Creative Director Keith Tan gave a presentation at the Spikes Asia. Festival of Creativity The presentation challenges brands to rethink their strategic approach and adapt to the modern age of empowered consumers. Brands need to learn to interact with consumers in new ways.
Investor Funding Tips for Entrepreneurs @ National University of Singapore
MangoTango CEO Chris McCarthy gives a presentation to a management class at the Moktar Riady School of Business, National University of Singapore.The talk focuses on the different kinds of investors who are appropriate for different stages of a company’s growth. Chris relates the phases of company growth to the product adoption life cycle